Vladimir Potanin Exhibition Opening and Roundtable discussion with Bosch Stiftung

30/04/2015-  Vladimir Potanin Exhibition Opening and Roundtable discussion with Bosch Stiftung

The opening of the ‘Fostering Leadership’​ exhibition curated by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation provided a catalyst for dialogue on the way in which Foundations can effectively fund ‘culture’. In advance of the exhibition opening, the foundation co-organised a roundtable with Bosch Stiftung​ which brought together foundation professionals and creatives from across Europe to discuss the best way to nurture innovation and break down the perception of ‘culture’ as something that remains elitist and untouched by the majority. All those present were passionate about the way in which creative cultural projects can help form new relationships and break down prejudice, whether they be on a local, national or international level.

As part of this day of discussion and debate the particpants were joined by the film director Margy Kinmouth whose own films, frequently with a cultural focus, have helped spread knowledge and ignite enthusiasm about the arts. The participants later watched Margy’s film: ‘The Hermitage Revealed: 250 years in the making’, which told the story of the heralded St Petersburg institution through objects and voices across its tumultuous history. 

To find out more about the way in which the Vladimir Potanin Foundation are supporting culture in Russia come and explore our new exhibition ‘Fostering Leadership’ at Philanthropy House. Also keep an eye on the Philanthropy House​ website for upcoming exhibitions and film screenings. .